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Sainte Chapelle
group exhibition/work
second edition
1st June - 12th Septmber 2014

Federico Cozzucoli


Monica Scidurlo Alessandro Pili Fabiana Collotto Tiziana Befani Sara Montani Simona Sarti Matteo Campulla Violeta Vollmer Rossana Piras Francesca Ore Antonella Albani Alessandro Severin Angela Impagliazzo Marco Tullio Dentale Serena Damiani Artekreativa Gisella Pasquali Huda Takriti Elisa Sassera Annalisa Parisii Maria Cecilia Bossi Emanuela Melis Giovanna Madau Maura Argiolas Alfonso Lentini Lidia Scaravaglio Massimo Caria Rozita Fogelman TAD [Tech+Art+Design] Alessandra Loi Ina Mindiuz Sonja Benskin Mesher Maria Cassatas Tufano Fiuto Darika Domenico Severino Roberto Scala Fabio Speciale Gloria Keller Patrizia Nicolini Daniela Spoto Chicco Sabbatella Gianni Polinas Paolo Viterbini Ellen G. Vincenzo Tolu Giulia Ripandelli Eliseo Pau Alessandro Antonucci Fabio Petretto Anna Autuori Luciano Caggianello Milena JK7 Vincent Wood Federico Fistarol Maurinomangiapanio Karma Chodon Xa Na Hiroshige Antonella Sportelli Petra Probst Mey Blond Jenny <aRaTI.ram:aaRTI> Corrado Pizzi Luisa Valenzano Valentina Montesano V. Rostella Grazia Salierno Doriana  Frau Lucilla Campioni  Minghan Gong

Simona Campus

Margherita Capodiferro

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The Review of Contemporary Art "Gesto Segno Disegno", in collaboration with ThULab - Space for Visual Arts presents "Sainte Chapelle" second edition. The first edition was held from September 1st to November 30th, 2013 with an online workshop, and a series of exhibitions in some institutional spaces of Sardinia, and in a gallery in Rome; the second edition will take place from June 1st to September 12th, 2014, will re-open the online workshops and 12th September there will be an exhibition at the same time in spaces of the ThULab Network for the Visual Arts participating in the initiative.
Artist Federico Cozzucoli will give to designers, graphics, architects, video makers, photographers, artistic persons, and anyone who feels like trying, the opportunity to join in a workshop online. During the workshop participants will be allowed  to change Cozzucoli's work "Sainte Chapelle", synthetic and geometric representation of social and politic reality post September 11th, 2001 in gothic stained-glass shaped window, for this reason it was decided to carry out the exhibition September 12th. The intent of the experience for the group is taking part to the production of artistic work, a consolidated process of current art. Participants will be asked to contribute to the production of a more symmetric group-work, starting from Cozzucoli's work. The cultural project will be reviewed by an essay of historic of art Simona Campus with a new text by Margherita Capodiferro.
We will start Sunday, June 1st, 2014 with the publication of the online form for participation in the workshop will end at midnight on Thursday, September 11th, 2014. Friday, September 12th, 2014 in various venues of the "ThULab Network for the Visual Arts" will project the work graphics and video work, the result of the workshop online, also in the space of Urban Laboratory THE FACTORY in Palagiano (Ta) the video work "Pandora" will be live music by Remigio Furlanut.


From Suday 1st June to Thursday 11th September 2014 workshop online
Friday September 12th at 20.00 in the space of Laboratorio Urbano THE FACTORY in Palagiano (TA) the video work Pandora will be live music by Remigio Furlanut

Friday September 12th streaming of show in other space of ThULab Network for the Visual Arts now:

Laboratorio Urbano Inpuntadipiedi 
Francavilla Fontana (BR)
Laboratorio Urbano Officine Culturali 
Bitonto (BA)
Laboratorio Urbano Fasano Fasano (BR)
Laboratorio Urbano Ciberlab   Valenzano  (BA)
Laboratorio Urbano ArteFacendo San Marco in Lamis (FG)
Manifatture Knos
The program will be updated online.


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